Gethsemane Ministerial Directory

We Have Come This Far By Faith

Associate Ministers
Rev. Evered Brockington, Rev. Sarana Brockington, Rev. Sherry Ford, Rev. Cynthia Mitchell, Rev. Ruby Steele, Rev. Arnie' Woods.

Deacon Ministry
Albert Tinsley, Eugene Addison, Robert Ealy, John Ellis, John Ford, Sarah Ford, Ralph Micheal, Reginald Mills, Eugene Nunn and Florence Perry

Deaconess Ministry
Jean Lowery, Loretta Baker, Annie Ealy, Henrietta Hamilton, Lillie Imes, Thelma Michael, Sarah Stowe, Judy Tinsley, Victoria Thomas, Jacqueline Mills

Trustee Ministry
Ronald Barber, John Ellis Sr., Mary Wallace, Harvey Archie, Tim Ford, Bernard Hunter

Church Ministry Staff

  • Albert Tinsley- Deacon Chairman
  • Jean Lowery- Deaconess Chairwoman
  • Bettye Bates- Treasurer
  • Mary Wallace- Financial Secretary
  • Jacqueline Mills- GMBC Event Coordinator
  • Eugene Nunn- Transportation Ministry
  • Sarah Ford- Missionary Ministry
  • Rev. Ruby Steele- Sunday School
  • Jonathan Ford- Usher Ministry
  • Deacon Florence Perry- GMBC Outreach Ministry
  • Thelma Cuthbertson- Music Ministry
  • Ralph Michael- Media Ministry
  • Barbara Phillips- Culinary Ministry
  • Jean Lowery- Westside Community Foundation
  • Valerie Dowd- Youth In Action
  • Laymen League- Eugene Nunn
    1. Mime Ministry- Milton Griffith