Usher Ministry

Highlighting All the Vibrant Ministries at GMBC

Organized November 28, 1925, when Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church was organized

Ministry Mission:

The Usher Ministry of GMBC strongly believe and follow "The Eight ING'S" of ushering by Alvin Johnson.
  1. Greeting (people appreciate a warm welcome).
  2. Seating (at the appropriate time).
  3. Offering (in unison and according to the master plan).
  4. Tending (a knowledge of worshippers' needs and knowing what to do in emergencies).
  5. Worshipping (the usher is a worshipper s well as a servant).
  6. Waiting ( for persons to arrive before the service and waiting for them to leave after the service).
  7. Cooperating (working in harmony with other ushers to complete the total task).

We welcome you to come to Gethsemane at any time and we will gladly welcome you in through open hearts and doors.