Deacon Ministry

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The appointment of the Deacon in the Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church has scriptural bases in Exodus 18 and in Acts 6: 17. Deacons will assist and aide the pastor in carrying out his responsibilities in administering Holy Communion, in serving those in need physically and spiritually, and in maintaining the pastor's well-being in this service and divine calling.


To maintain the spiritual qualifications of being born again by the Holy Spirit, of being a God-fearing man, filled with the Holy Ghost and of great faith, of being a teacher and full of wisdom. To maintain the moral qualifications for being truthful, honest, sincere and loyal to God; and To be of sound mind and body, willing to learn, teachable, and able to utilize common sense.

Deacon Ministry:

Eugene Addison * Robert Ealy * John Ellis * John Ford * Sarah Ford *Ralph Michael* Reginald Mills* Eugene Nunn * Florence Perry * Albert Tinsley